Emboldened By Inaction, Lawyers Beat Up JNUSU President & Journalists At Court In 2nd Attack In 3 Days

Emboldened by inaction, lawyers beat up JNUSU president & journalists at court in 2nd attack in 3 days

The Patiala House courts – equidistant from the police home office and the seat of the Union government – saw an extraordinary breakdown of peace, for the second time inside of three days, on Wednesday. Unimaginably, the goons in dark robes who had threatened columnists and others on Monday, came back to do a rehash in the midst of overwhelming police vicinity. Waving the Tricolor and yelling trademarks, they ran crazy, whipping journalists, conflicting with different legal counselors and, at last, ambushing JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar, who was being created for a hearing on the dissidence charges against him.

No move was made against the attorneys, who had a free keep running of the spot, however the policemen did sporadically intercede to escort individuals out. Late around evening time, in the midst of far reaching shock and judgment, Delhi Police enrolled a FIR under areas of attack on the premise of an announcement by Kanhaiya which he recorded in the vicinity of the judge. Police sources said he has distinguished one of the aggressors in the announcement.

anhaiya had been brought to the court around 2:40pm through Gate No. 4. While he was being escorted to the court room, a group of 80-100 lawyers surrounded the police team accompanying him and rained blows and punches on him. The policemen managed to push back a few of them but were overpowered. However, soon more cops arrived and managed to rescue him. Some lawyers tried to attack Kumar outside the court room as well but the police managed to stop them. The lawyers later bragged before the cops, “We have done our bit, we have slapped him.” Some were heard discussing they could finish the job if they were arrested and sent to Tihar.

Kanhaiya had been conveyed to the court around 2:40pm through Gate No. 4. While he was being escorted to the court, a gathering of 80-100 attorneys encompassed the police group going with him and sprinkled blows and punches on him. The policemen figured out how to push back a couple of them however were overwhelmed.


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