Untraditional Ways of Proposing on Valentine’s Day


Valentine Day is on the cards and you don’t have to miss the opportunity. All you have to ask is “Will You Be My Valentine?”, yet in a special way that the reply could be nothing less than “I Do..”. So we have picked some amazing and approachable ideas to choose from :

  • Create a romantic crossword puzzle that pops the big question when it is solved. Be there with a ring or proposal.

love quotes

  • Before leaving for work, offer your partner to warm up the car and scrape the snow off their window while he/she sitting inside. Then ask your question by scratching snow on the window.

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  • Sing a custom proposal song or recite a poem in your voice and add it to his/her playlist on a pen drive, so you can ready for ‘that moment’.

Love Quotes

  • Rake some dry leaves in the yard to spell out the question before he/she plans to mow the lawn. When your partner scrapes the leaves they will be surprised by the proposal engraved on the grass.

  • Another safe choice is to put a banner asking ‘Will You Be My Valentine! with your darling’s endearment name engraved on it.


  • Get yourself gift wrapped in a box and ask some friend to deliver you at your fiance’s doorstep. When unwrapped, come out with a valentine proposal.


  • Put a ring or a valentine note in a Kinder Egg.



  • Surprise your mate with a pet (puppy, kitten, bunny) that will add cuteness to the moment you propose her.



  • Create such a gaming proposal Player 1 “Ready”, Player 2 “Press Start” and place it in your lover’s closet.

We wish you approach your sweetheart and the idea makes the moment a remarkable memory for the lovebirds.


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